Service Provider Benefits
on Yaya

List Your Service For Free

Free listing of services. You can register services you provide in Yaya completely free. High cost of entry to business is a thing of the past. If you are good at something, you can make a living on Yaya.

Experience the Benefit of Live Chat

Connect to consumers directly. No more costly intermediaries. You work directly with your customers with live chat and messaging.

Start Building Your Reputation

Building your reputation. Establish yourself as a premier service provider by earning and accumulating consumer ratings and reviews.

Claim Free Advertising Spots & Build Referral Business Network

Free advertising and referral business network. As you introduce quality service providers you can choose to be featured on their profile page. You are in total control of your ad space message. By introducing qualified service professionals to Yaya, you will also have a solid business referral network.

Become More Productive

Yaya works both ways. Yaya is not only where you meet consumers, it is also where you look for services. With Yaya, your life will be easier and more productive.